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Hi Torexe

I haven’t seen an email in a while and was wondering so thought I might as well ask.

Due to the closure of Riverside I imagine Torexe VC would have saved a fair amount of cash not having to pay for the hall multiple times a week.

Obviously there are a number of people that would have paid yearly subs to train once/twice a week.

Has there been any discussions about using the extra money for maybe a paid for social do or continue training sessions going longer into the spring/early summer?



Hi Ashleigh,

Thanks for your note, however you appears to have missed the anouncement that all training sessions have been extended to take into account of the issues that you have raised above. Please see the front page for details:

Torexe Winter Training Sessions (September – April)

Friday Evenings (extended to 12 May)
Friday Evenings (extended to 12 May)
Advanced Club Session
Friday Evenings (extended to 12 May)
Men’s Team’s Training (invite only)
Ladies Team’s Training (invite only)
Wed Evenings (extended to 3 May)
Wed Evenings (extended to 3 May)


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