About Torexe

Torexe Volleyball Club based in Exeter, Devon celebrated the club’s 25th anniversary in 2010. With players of all ages and abilities the club thrives on supporting both new members and old. People who play volleyball with Torexe play volleyball socially, competitively, as part of the club or just once in a while.

But volleyball wasn’t always this accessible. Back in the 1980’s there were no public sports halls in Exeter or East Devon and when the Clifton Hill Sports Centre opened in 1984 a group of volleyball players from Coaver (see Summer Volleyball) arranged a weekly four hour booking on Fridays.

Using the sports centre’s name the players formed the Clifton Hill Volleyball Club with around 30-40 people playing regularly at the sports centre every week! Sources say that more people would have attended the Friday night games sessions but walked away when they saw the crowded sports hall. Typically the session would include an hour of training and an hour and a half of matches with six teams rotating between the court and the onsite bar.

1985 – Torexe VC was initially named Clifton Hill VC

1986 – First entry into the Plymouth League and the South West League

1987 – The club changed its name to Exeter VC, combined with nearby Torbay VC to become Exeter and Torbay VC or Torexe for short.

1987 – First National League entry (Men’s Division Four South).

1988 – Members of Torexe helped start the Exeter & District League (that we play in today).

Torexe Fact: Over 2000 people (or 2% of the population of Exeter) have played or trained with Torexe in the last 25 years.

1990’s – National League Ladies team created. Torexe becomes one of the top twenty clubs in the country with up to thirteen adult teams and both National League teams playing in Division Two (the second Tier of of the sport in the country).

2000’s – Torexe becomes prominent in regional and local teams and has four weekly training sessions for players of all abilities.

Torexe Today – People who play volleyball with Torexe today can expect a mix of training, matches and social events that bring people of all ages and all backgrounds together once or twice a week to play a sport we all enjoy.