Blog – Newsgroup

Instruction on how to use the Torexe Blog / Newsgroup.

NOTE: This service is currently disabled….

All club members are added to the Torexe Newsgroup and hence available for all club members to use. To use the newsgroup facility, please see the instructions below, all Blog / Newsgroup messages will also appear on the web site BLOG page.


  • Send your emails to:
  • The web site only accepts emails from known users (your email address have been added).
  • The email box is automatically checked every hour.
  • Please make sure the email address is listed in your White List and not your Spam listing.
  • Some of the formatting may not come out correct but one of the administrators will adjust the next time they log on.
  • You can include photos and attachments.
  • The Subject line will be the Item header on the web site.
  • Use Reply to contact the sender direct (this will not be added to the web site).
  • If you have been added by the club, you will only receive text emails (no images or attachements).
  • If you registerd on the web site via the front page (user name / password) you will receive full html email with images and attachements.
  • Your first posting may go to an administrator (to be approved), once approved all futher posting will not need approval.
  • Unlike Facebook, all club members are listed on the newsgroup.
  • Via the web site Blog page, you can add / leave comments etc.
  • Once you have a web site user name / password, you can update your profile via the web site Dashboard (e.g. add your blog photo).