Are your contact details correct . . . ?

To all Torexe members,
It is time for a periodic review of the contact details we hold for our club members. If you are reading this e mail it should mean that we are still using the correct e mail address for you.  However other details can change, so could each of you please confirm the following  –
Your landline phone number.
Your mobile phone number.
Your preferred e mail address to receive Torexe related messages etc.
The full name / contact phone number  of the person we may contact on your behalf in an emergency.
Please also advise if you wish your details to be removed from the Torexe mailing list.  (This would only be appropriate if you no longer wish to participate in any of the club’s training or other activities)
Please send responses to
If you are certain there have been no changes to your contact details in the last year, please still send a reply stating “No changes” or similar, so that I know this e mail has at least reached you.
Thank you,
Jon Brewer.