Changing Ends & Foot In or Out of Court

A number of people have raised the following issues during matches over the last few weeks.

Q. Do we have to change ends during the fifth set?

Q. Is a player in or out of court if they have their foot on the sideline during service?

For anyone not familiar with the rules of volleyball, there are three documents you must be aware of before you referee a match.

A match is normally played as the best out of five sets, when this happens, to make everything fair, we share the court. When their is a sun light issue, which you can get at venues like Exeter Prison, Exeter College and Exeter University, then it is obvious but at other venues, why do we do it.

FIVB Rules 18.2.2
In the deciding set, once the leading team reaches 8 points, the teams change courts without delay and the player positions remain the same.

But in the EDVA we play all five sets, so the fifth set is not always a deciding set, this situation is coved by the EDVA rules.

EDVA Rules 3.7
In the fifth set the teams will change ends when the leading team (in that set) reaches eight points. Teams shall only change ends once during the course of the set.

Answer. For all EDVA matches, teams will change ends during the fifth set.

Q. Is a player in court or out of court if at the point of serve, they have one foot on the sideline.

any player (except the server) stepping outside of his/her court at the moment of the service hit [is a rotation fault]

But is on the line in or out of the court…

FIVB 12.4.3
At the moment of the service hit or take-off for a jump service, the
server must not touch the court (the end line included) or the floor
outside the service zone.

Therefore the line is in court, stepping outside of the court mean that the foot must be 100% outside of the court, any part touching the line is in.

Also FIVB D12
As well the officials, it’s the responsability of the line judges to indicate the foot fault during service “Wave flag over the head and point to respective line”.

Answer, foot on the line is in and don’t forget that its part of the line judges duties to check for this.



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