Exeter Challenge

Entries for the end of season Exeter Challenge events are now available, I have reserved two places in the Men’s event for the club (listed as Torexe Hunter & Torexe). If the team contacts for the Hunter, Phantoms, Jags & Vulcan could get together to confirm, we should have two good team. I only have five places left, so I will need confirmation of entry at some point.

For the ladies event, I have added the Torexe Spitfires team to the list, following their recent achievements at the weekend and their match performance against Taunton Lightning (Taunton Ladies) the other week. Plus a place for each of our SW Ladies teams, again if team contacts could work on numbers and confirmation.

Details and entry forms are now available for the annual Exeter Men’s Challenge (13th Apr) www.Exeterchallenge.com and the Exeter Ladies Challenge (27th Apr) www.ExeterLadiesChallenge.com end of season events: