Exeter Men’s Challenge 2024

Once again, we invited an number of teams from around the region to come and take us on, at this year’s 2024 Torexe Men’s Challenge.

A number of teams use this occasion as a final match practice for their respective end of season campaigns. The Inter Regional Championships for the South West U17 Boys squad, the Crown Service Championship for the Arrows team and the SW Championships for many of the other teams attending.

Although Torexe Gladiators started well, they eventually missed out on the semi-finals by one match point, placing them into the 5-8th category.

Torexe Raiders had mixed success, just losing to Bath Uni (the 2024 SW League Men’s winners) by a few points, beating Bristol VC in the pool stages but in the end finishing in twelve place.

Full results at: http://www.exeterchallenge.co.uk/

Next up will be the Torexe Ladies & the Torexe Amazons teams at this Sundays Torexe Ladies Challenge event. Do drop in to the Riverside and cheer on the girls.