Exeter Men’s Challenge Results 2023

It was another successful year for the Torexe Exeter Men’s Challenge with a sell out program once again. The challenge brings together lower National League, Regional, local league and Crown Service teams in a single event.

Anyone of the top five teams could have won it this year but the final match came down to Exeter Storm taking the victory over the Arrows. Wiltshire Mavericks got the better of Weymouth Waves in the 3rd, 4th play off with Kernow finishing in 5th.

As for Torexe, it was a great experience for our young Torexe Spartans team, most playing in their first tournament and many thanks to club coach and team mentor Coolen for keeping everyone on track during the day.

No. Club & Team Name… No. Club & Team Name…
1st Exeter Storm 7th Bemi Beaufort
2nd Arrows 8th PMVC
3rd Wiltshire Mavericks 9th Yeovil
4th Weymouth Waves 10th Torexe Gladiators
5th Kernow 11th Torexe Spartans
6th SW U17 12th Bemi Cabot

Torexe Gladiators missed out on a possible 5th – 8th finish on points difference and ended the day in 10th place.