Hand Signals

Along with the net numbering system, all good teams use attack and defense hand signals to call the next move. So last Fridays we ran through the Torexe Topguns hand signals, which you all had fun with.

On Saturday I went and watched Polonia London against Team Northumbria & Sheffield take on Team Northumbria at this years Cup Final.

defence hand signals

Defense hand signals (behind your bum) are standard throughout the sport: 1 for blocking the line, 2 for cross court for us normal people.  Peter Bakare, no 1, middle photo has an open hand, on this move he doesn’t think much of the hitter, so he is going for the ball.

attach hand signals

For the attack, the setter signals the first play of any rally, making sure that the opposition can not see (hence pulling out the shirt). Unlike the blocking signals, the attack signal are not standard and could mean anything. If we converted these to the Torexe moves, we would have (L to R): 41, 22, (this is a wagging finger) so a quick 31 short, 42 meter ball.

Others interesting hand signal would be the 61 shoot, the slide, the cross over, the tamdom, the list goes on. Have fun in your team by setting up your own moves, if you are new to Torexe, then please have a look at the following documents. These are from the Torexe Play Book and used by all our teams.