Have your contact details changed . . . . ?

Dear Torexe member,

It is time for a periodic clean-up of the details we hold on our Torexe membership list.  If you are reading this, we are obviously getting through to you with Torexe newsgroup messages.   However please check and respond to the following questions.

Have any of the following data items changed since you completed your membership form for us?

  • Your landline phone number.
  • Your mobile phone number.
  • Your “next of kin” contact person and their contact phone number. (The person we should call if you sustain an injury etc.)

Would you prefer to be deleted from our membership / newsgroup list? (This would be appropriate if you feel you will not be attending any of our activities for the foreseeable future).

Please send a quick reply to my e mail address hartlander61@gmail.com  even if it is only to say “no changes”, so that I know this message has reached you.

Many thanks,

Jon Brewer.