It’s 1st, 2nd, 2nd & 4th for Torexe

The Riverside LC was at bursting point today with 32 teams competing in 123 matches for the 2024 Exeter round of the SW JuVoTo. And it was our best ever performance with a 1st, two 2nd’s and a 4th place finish for the four Torexe teams, well done to everyone.

Torexe Champs – U13 1st Place: Militsa, Hal, Alex, Kenji

Torexe Waves – U15 Girls 2nd Place: Jess, Camila, Bella, Bee

Torexe Tigers – U15 Boys 2nd Place: Harry, Jude, Monty

Torexe Aces – U15 Boys 4th Place: Olly, Louie, Roual

Also well done to all our helpers for keeping the show running thoughout the day.

Zuzana, Coolen, Rachel, Nikki, Dave…..