Jaguars make it 3 wins in 3 games . . .

Torexe Jaguars made a promising start against a competent University 1 team. The first set was fairly even with the Uni initially edging ahead on points.  Jags worked their way back to level pegging as the set progressed and got their noses in front during the last third to win the set 25-19.  Set 2 was almost a reversal of Set 1 with Jags leading initially before a strong comeback from the Uni saw them gain the advantage.  At 23-23 Jags regained their serve and took the set.  Set 3 saw Jags come apart at the seams with a combination of poor service receiving, handling errors and mistimed hits. They were duly punished by steady pressure from the Uni who took this set with some ease.  Set 4 saw a marginal improvement for Jags but the Uni maintained their lead right through and took this set too, albeit with a reduced margin.  With all to play for, the deciding set was closely fought throughout but Jags managed to get their act together in time to secure the match points.


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