New Rules for the 2022-23 Season

Every four years, generally in line with the Olympic’s, the FIVB updates the volleyball rules. These are mostly changes in the wording or the match protocol, the 2021-2024 rules were issued this year and the SWVA & EDVA have now approved them for use in this season.

You can read about the changes in the FIVB_Rules Modifications 2022-2024_FINAL document, most don’t apply to us but the rules around “Players starting positions” have now change from previous years, these now apply to all EDVA & SWVA league matches (see below).

The positions of players are determined and controlled according to the positions of their feet contacting the ground (the last contact with the floor fixes the player’s position) as follows:
each back-row player must be level with or have at least a part of one foot further from the centre line than the front foot of the corresponding front-row player;
each right (left) side player must be level with or have at least a part of one foot closer to the right (left) side line than the feet further from the right (left) side line of the other players in that row.

FIVB Reason: to allow more flexibility for players’ position at the service hit

The FIVB rule book is available online at:

Any issues, please see your coach.