Newsletter – October 2019 / Issue: 344

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October 2019 / Issue: 344 / SWVA Membership: 1,800

Hi all,

It’s time for a late October Newsletter:-

**Just 3 Day Left to purchase your 9th Nov Evening Tickets (75 sold across the two events so far)**

  • 9th Nov – 50th Anniversary Celebration, tickets & details below.
  • 16th Nov – SW Squads – Wellsway LC, Keynsham, Bristol 11:30-6:30pm
  • 23rd Nov – JuVoTo Nr.2 – Barnstaple – Hosted by Beach Academy

Dave Reece

Past Newsletter:

SWVA@50 Anniversary Event & Buffet Tickets

This season marks our 50th Anniversary and our first major event will be the SW Vets tournament, 9th November (10 am to 6pm at the Riverside LC, Exeter) followed by an evening celebration at the Mill on the Exe, Exeter (ground Floor function room).

The evening event will be split into two, both events will have access to the SWVA@50 set of displays, slide show plus a selection of food. The function room has its own bar and services, come along, feel free to stay for both events, subsidised tickets are required (so we can confirm numbers with the caterers).

SWVA 50th Anniversary Buffet

Tickets (£10 Per Person)

Come and celebrate 50 years of SW Volleyball with us on the 9th November, meet old friends, check out the SWVA displays, buffet and celebration cake at the Mill on the Exe, Exeter.

7pm to Close – SW 50th Anniversary Buffet

  • Pre event: 6pm to 7pm – SW Vets Presentation – meet the teams
  • 7:45pm – Buffet
  • 8:15pm – Speeches
  • 8:30pm – Toast and then Cutting of the Cake
  • 9:00pm – Social Time till close

SWVA@50 Displays and Mementos

  • TimeOut Newsletter and items from the SWVA Archives
  • Back ground Slide Show – The early years
  • SWVA Rolls of Honours – 50 years of history and event winners
  • Whitefield Tournament display – the first 46 years
  • Local leagues & Area Associations – Items from the past
  • Volleyball Newsletter Display – Started on line in 1995 with issues 001
  • Exeter Challenge Reports – Now in its 25th year,
    Other Items Welcome…

More Info and Ticket Purchase

** Tickets on Sale until the 25th Oct 2019 **

Grade 4 Ref Course – Plymouth

Are any of your club members looking to become qualified referees? If so, they may be interested in the following Grade 4 Referee course that is due to be held in Plymouth on 16th November:
Plymouth – Grade 4 One Day Referee Course

o Stoke Damerel Community College, Somerset Place, Plymouth, Pl3 4DG
• Price per person: £55.00
• Date and Times: 16th November 2019 10.00-18.00
• Sign Up Deadline: 3pm Friday 8th November 2019

For full course details and booking please visit our courses page here.
To find out more about the Grade 4 Referee course, please click here.

Kind regards,
Macauley Allen

JuVoTo Round One Results

Well done to everyone who took part in round One of this years JuVoTo Grand Prix series in Plymouth last weekend. Not the largest event but plenty of Grand Prix points to be collected and carried forward for the rest of the series.

The event now moves on to Barnstaple for round two on the 23rd November.

U12 Boys Points
Taunton Tornadoes 10
Wessex Dolphins 8

U13 Girls Points
Beach Academy 10

U13 Boys Points
Royal Wootton Bassett 10
Taunton Tigers 8

U14 Girls Points
Taunton Spikers 10

U15 Girls Points
PMVC 1 10
PMVC 2 6

Champions League IBB Polonia London

IBB Polonia ready to bring the Champions League to London

“It started as a joke and then became a dream.” Now, it is about to become history. IBB Polonia London will become the first English club team in history to play in the CEV Champions League this month.

The reigning English champions will play Croatian side Mladost Zagreb in round one, with a two-legged knockout tie this month. The first leg will be played in Zagreb on 22nd October, before CEV Champions League volleyball comes to the capital on Wednesday 30th October.

Tickets are now on sale for the home match at the Copper Box in London so fans can make sure they are there for the historic occasion.

While he admits it started as a joke, IBB Polonia London’s chairman Bartek Luszcz could not be prouder of his club blazing a trail in Europe.

More at: champions-league-ibb-polonia-london

SW Volleyball App for Apple IOS devices

swva iphone app

iPhone / iPad / Mac Users:

Adding the SWVA (web clip) App to your iPhone or iPad is really simple, just follow these steps below:


  1. Open the Safari web browser app on your iPhone / iPad / Mac.
  2. Browse to the page:
  3. Tap the Action Box (the square with the arrow coming out of it).
  4. Tap Add to Home Screen.

swva iphone lower

It’s back to the 90’s

This year we are celebrating 50 years of SW volleyball (1969 to 2019), throughout the year we will be looking back at various parts of our history.

The latest set of the SWVA@50 photos have now been released, with “The 90’s” collect. A bit more interesting to our younger viewers as it’s spot your parents and coach time, not to mention the 90’s fashions.

Many thanks to Ron and others who have dug out their photo albums.

Full size Photos at: SWVA@50 The 90’s

Volleyball Futures Camp – October

Volleyball Futures Camp for Players born 2006 and later and their coaches/teachers/parents.

Saturday 26 October – For Players 12 – 6pm
This is the link to for the Volleyball England Futures Players Camp,
It is for players born 2006 and later.

Saturday 26 October – For Coaches 12 – 7pm
The day is also for coaches that are working or going to be working with this age group of player. So if you are a coach and want to attend then here is the link to register (I am not sure if you need to be a registered coach for this or whether any interested party an attend):

Sunday 27th October – For teachers/coaches/parents
This is for people (teacher/coach/parent) anyone working with Primary Age Children – Here is the link

I recommend attending if you are a teacher/coach/parent already running volleyball sessions or wanting to introduce volleyball to Primary Age Children.

Kate Falkner

“Flying” Cablecam adds new dimension

A cool gadget made what probably was its Volleyball debut during the EuroVolley 2019 semifinal match between Serbia and France on Friday evening in Paris. “I did a lot of research and I did not find any information that such technology has ever been used in Volleyball before,” said Benoit Dentan, the person in charge of the X fly 3D, which provided the millions of TV viewers some spectacular bird’s eye shots from the game at the AccorHotels Arena.

On host broadcaster’s La Chaine L’Equipe channel alone, the match attracted 1.7 million spectators, a historic record for the channel for live transmission of any sport! The simple explanation of it, it is a “flying” camera supported by optical fibre ropes, which can move in all directions above the playing court and the spectator stands to provide some spectacular viewing angles.

It has been used in Basketball, Handball, Tennis and many other indoor sports at high-level competitions, including all Olympic Games since Athens 2004, but to the best of our knowledge, never in Volleyball. Until this weekend that is…

• Four winches located in the four corners of the arena at around 25 metres from the roof.
• Double ropes (for safety), connecting each winch to the dolly camera in the middle (hence the ‘X’ in the name)
• The camera can go up to 70% of the height of the winches.
• The X fly 3D can reach a maximum speed of 60 km/h. The standard is 40 km/h.
• In Volleyball, the camera cannot go lower than 12 metres and has to be static during a rally.
• In other times, such as time-outs, the camera cannot go lower than four metres.

“The four winches are connected to a computer, which operates the flight with an (x, y, z) coordinate system,” further explained Dentan. “We have two operators. One controls the camera itself – things, such as zoom and focus. The other one controls the flight.”

“As long as we abide by the 12-metre regulation, if the ball hits the camera or the ropes, it is like hitting anything else in the arena, so it’s called ‘out’. If the camera is below the 12 metres, then we have a big problem,” Dentan clarified the hypothetical situation. “The camera is very robust and there is no chance to destroy it by hitting it with the ball. The four-metre rule is simply a safety regulation in France. It applies not only for the court, but also for the spectator stands.”

“During the game, we make some nice shots of the serving and also some tactical shots from the top. We had some introduction shots with the teams getting out and the national anthems. These are wide shots, beauty shots with the audience. This sport creates a great ambience with the crowd and it looks fantastic. My role is just to show the show,” concluded Dentan.

The “flying” cablecam is one of 14 cameras used by host broadcaster L’Equipe to produce the TV signal from the games in Paris, which CEV’s media partner Infront distributes to the other broadcasters worldwide.

For further information, visit the official event website

2019 Calendar


  • 12th Oct – SWVA Meeting – WSM
  • 12th Oct – JuVoTo Nr.1 – Stoke Damerel Community College,Somerset Place, Plymouth PL3 4BD, 1-5pm
  • 19th Oct – SW Squads – Riverside LC, Exeter 11-6pm


  • 9th Nov – SW Vets Tournament – Exeter
  • 9th Nov – SWVA 50th Anniversary Celebration evening – Exeter
  • 16th Nov – SW Squads – Wellsway LC, Keynsham, Bristol 11:30-6:30pm
  • 16th Nov – Grade 4 Ref Course – Plymouth
  • 23rd Nov – JuVoTo Nr.2 – Barnstaple – Hosted by Beach Academy


  • 7th Dec – JuVoTo Nr.3 – Possibly Lavington (TBC)


  • 4th Jan – SW Squads – Wellsway LC, Keynsham, Bristol 11:30-6:30pm
  • 18th Jan – JuVoTo Nr.4 – Wellsway LC, Keynsham, Bristol