Sunday Training 6th Dec 3:30

Over the knee dive_web

Photo: Kirsty diving for the ball at the LDT

Next Sunday (6th Dec #) we have another training session for our Intermediates and juniors members, 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm. We also have our second Junior Ladies event at Plymouth on the following Sunday, the 13th, so we will be looking at some match items and collecting names for the team.

Middle hitting options, how to dive (the sprawl & the over knew approach, see Kirsty in the photo), the Flat three service receive, maybe some hand signals and anything else that people wish to do, items that we don’t have time for on a Friday.

Other dates for your Calendar
There is going to be another Bristol Development Tournament on the 23rd January, it’s been ladies for the last two years but this year it may be different. If ladies we will look to take a junior girls teams, if mixed we will take an intermediate mixed team.

# Local league matches start at 1 pm, so come along early if you would like to watch.