The 2015 Exeter Challenge

It’s time to get your entries in for the end of season Exeter Ladies and Exeter Men’s challenge events. Teams come from around the SW region and from the lower National league, the South West League and Local leagues to compete for the title.

This year I have reserved three places in the Ladies event, for the three Torexe Ladies teams (Aces, Topcats and Spitfires), although we do need to confirm numbers.

For the men, I have reserved two places at the moment but I would like to see if we could get a third team based around a combined Torexe Spitfires / Torexe Jags team this year.

Anyway, places are going fast, so I will need to have confirmation on this within the next week or so, can team contacts please confirm with their players to see who is up for this and confirm their entry with Dave Reece.

Details at:

[Note, different web site this year, the old ones are still visible but I have lost access]