The Night the Lights went out – Glow Volleyball

Wednesday night training took on a different look this week as we turned off the lights for our first Torexe Glow Volleyball session for club members.

Good to see a lot of UV paint, makeup and glow sticks being used. For me, the best outfits were Violeta and Barbara, Tony’s extra bright knee pads and a couple of twins with their glow stick enhanced trainers, necklaces and fluorescent green hair, well done Tom & Toby.

Thanks to everyone who arrived early to help set up, tape over the net, court lines, move equipment and made this all possible. The Orange LED balls worked well, occasionally going into stealth mode (when the light went off) before suddenly coming back on at the next touch. It all added to the fun, just need to pick a warmer evening next time, when it’s not -4 outside.

And it was good to see that the old Torexe T-Shirts showed up well under the Ultra Violet lights as well.