Top of the Table Clash

Torexe Jags v Raptors


With two unbeaten teams going head to head in a top of the table clash in division two yesterday, something had to give. Torexe Jags adjusted their line up for maximum attack for the fixture and switched to a 5-1 format following a two-hour lunch time training session. The change saw Helen promoted to single setter, Jon promoted to Opposite Hitter and Anna joined the team as Outside Hitter, making her first appearance for the team.


The Raptors enjoyed and made good use of home advantage in the early stages as the sports hall gas heaters warmed the upper air, making the ball float and difficult to receive in the ever changing layers of air temperatures. Raptor’s also play at a good fast pace and it took Jags a good half a set before they were up to speed with the pace of the match, where they then set ablout clawing back the Raptors lead back down to just three points at once point.


Overall the first two sets were excellent to watch as both teams attacked the match looking for the win but it was the Raptor’s side of the scoreboard that kept ticking over and Jags finally dropped behind 25-17 & 25-13. A score line that did not reflect the match or how close the two teams were matched, we dropped off in the third but ran them close in set four 25-22. In the end it was a 5-0 win for Raptor who proved just to strong around the court for Jags.


Player of the match for Jags went to Helen who also picked up a 14% kill ratio, her best to date. Top hitter for Jags was Jon who put away 31% from 11% of the attack. Sam & Meciej were the busiest people on court with 20% & 22% of the attack with middle and back court moves.




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