Torexe Jaguars win at Taunton

Score: 10-25 23-25 25-10 23-25 15-10
Taunton Lightning PoM: 19 Marta (Tammy) Kumasar
Torexe Jaguars PoM: 1 Helen Mylne Report
Torexe Jaguars v Taunton Lightning
This was team lightnings first match of the season and to say the first set was a slow start was kind. Torexe took full advantage of a confused looking Taunton. Pom for Torexe Helen Mylne serving 11 points within the set.

The second set was more promising as players started to settle. Taunton with four players making their debut in the edva league still couldn’t come to turns with a Torexe team lead by Captain Catherine Snell the experience of coach Dave Reece. Trailing at the end by just 2 points.

The 3rd set was a complete turn around with Torexe only being able to comvert one serving opportunity into a point. Taunton being lead on court by Clare Pinney as team captain.

4th set. Both teams were now ready for the fight and this was the best set yet. Points were being matched all the way through the set with some great extended rallies. Torexe were just 1 or 2 points ahead of taunton. New players for Taunton Pamela Jones run of serves and Laura Webber hitting still could not combat the Jaguars persistence. Torexe taking the 4th set.

Final set. A very close fought set and quite fitting the Taunton POM Marta Kumasar (Tammy) would serve out the set and finish the match.

Overall points Taunton 96 – Torexe 96 just goes to show how close.
Having said that well done Torexe Jaguars. πŸ™‚


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