Torexe – return to indoor training

Hi Folks,

Well the nights are definitely starting to draw in and so this is the time when you are normally expecting to be getting emails from us about the start of the indoor training.

Unfortunately this is not a normal season as the Riverside Leisure Centre is having a new roof fitted on the sports hall and so it is closed whilst this work is carried out. In the long run this is great news for us as hopefully it will mean that the pigeons are finally banished and no more mopping up the drips! We don’t yet have a confirmed date for when it is going to re-open, if the work completes on time we should be back training at Riverside by the last week in September, but we can’t commit to that just yet.

In the meantime we have been able to book a few sessions at Exeter School, which will all be mixed sessions as there is only one court there. The committee has split these sessions up between our different member groups as follows:
• Tuesdays 6th and 13th September 8 – 10 pm – this session is open to all those who were training on Wednesdays last season
• Sundays 4th and 11th September, this is a 6 hour block divided into three 2 hour sessions
o 12 – 2 pm – this session is open to players in our two new teams Torexe Spartans and Torexe Titans
o 2 – 4 pm – this session is open to our Div 2 players in Samurais and Knights and Torexe Amazons
o 4 – 6 pm – this session is open to our Div 1 players in Gladiators and Warriors and players from the SW Ladies squad.

We will not be running any sessions for our Saturday morning juniors or our open beginners until we can return to Riverside.

Although we are hoping that most of the Covid restrictions will disappear this season, we do ask that you don’t attend training or matches if you have any symptoms. The committee has decided to keep the online booking system as we have a very limited number of our members volunteering to help with the running of the club and the booking system helps everything to run smoother and also prevents sessions getting too overcrowded. So please remember that you MUST book into each training session before attending.

To book onto the training sessions you must be logged into our website and then choose the appropriate session under the “Play Volleyball” menu heading. As always the bookings will open 7 days in advance of the session, so the menus are there now but the Ticket Tailor booking is not yet open.

Please read the instructions for accessing Exeter School that are on the web pages and take note of the access code you will be given when you have made your booking, DO NOT use the Manston Terrace entrance!

Any questions then just drop me an email. I will send out another update when we get a confirmed date for Riverside re-opening.