Torexe Spitfires Match Report

Today was the much awaited rematch for the Birdmen who lost the first match against Torexe Spitfires a few weeks ago. Both teams arrived early, blitzed through the warm up and were keen to get on court. The low ceiling posed a challenge for both teams and the first set was close with the Birdmen scoring vital points with a strong serve. This momentum carried through to the second set where the Birdmen took points easily. But true to their never give up hope nature Spitfires found inner strength and took some ground winning the third set. The game was still all to play for and the Birdmen dug deep with slaughtering smashes to take the fourth set and the game. Having won they seemed relaxed and made mistakes in the final set enabling Spitfires to take league points with a respectable 2-3 loss. Birdmen POM = Jake Williams Torexe Spitfires POM = Jacky Pike


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