Torexe Update (24th Feb)

Todays Update:
The sports hall has not been damaged in the fire and the River centre staff have all been really helpful in keeping us informed on the on going situation and have been working hard to see if it was possible to re-open this part of the leisure Centre for us. Unfortunately the building has failed its health & Safety check on contamination and hence no member of the public is currently allowed in.

I understand there is also a bit of work to be done on the building access, other than that the fire was limited to the Heath Suite. They have given us an initial time scale of about two weeks, we will update you when we have more info.

This weekend’s home league match is obviously cancelled and we are currently following up on leads for hosting our up and coming SW League Men’s and Ladies matches. In the meantime we would like to thank all the other clubs who have contacted us offered help on court time and equipment.