Torexe Update (28th Feb)

Our equipment has now been removed from the Riverside LC, most of the balls, scoreboards, scoresheets and match balls I have delivered to Nikki and Phil at Park View hotel. Being a central in town location, it should be convenient for all team contacts to collect and return as required. If you need contact details, please let me know.

For teams playing home matches away, don’t forget that as the home team you need to provide scoresheets, scoreboards etc. If you need a net or ball trolley then you need to contact myself or Rachel.

Riverside LC update

The main reception was all staffed today with the lights on but obviously with a very strong smell of burnt ash in the air. So much so that I could still smell it on my clothes a couple of hours later. To get to the sports hall store room we had to use a torch as there appeared to be no electricity in this part of the building but a much weaker smell.


I have started to advertise the end of season Exeter Challenge events with the expectation that the Riverside LC will re-open in time: 9th April Men’s Challenge / 23rd April  Challenge. Entry details at: Exeter Challenge

I have reserved a space for the Torexe Jets, for other teams you need to contact me.

SW Champs places are going fast, 33% full at the moment, not heard yet from the Torexe Ladies or Torexe Topguns, please get together and let us know before its too late.