Training Starts Next Week…

I trust everyone has had an excellent summer of Beach and Grass Volleyball and looking forward to getting back indoors for the 2019/20 Indoor season.

Training Starts

4th Sep Wednesday Nights 8-10pm

6th Sep Friday Night Beginners 6-7pm

6th Sep Friday Intermediate 7-8:15pm

6th Sep Friday Club Session 8:15-10pm

NB: Due to the closure of the Middlemoor Sports Hall for repairs, Exeter Storm VC have temporary lost their Junior / Intermediate sessions. They have been invited to train with us on Fridays 6-8:15pm until the venue re-opens.

Match Dates

At the moment there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes in arranging and sorting out the league fixtures. This has been made exceptionally difficult this year by the Academy of Beach Sport pulling out of the SW Ladies league last week (and a new set of fixtures being issues for everyone) and the late inclusion of Taunton into the EDVA Division Two.

Ratification is still in progress and Web sites are currently being populated with fixtures as they come in and confirmed etc.

Torexe Team Names

For the last few years our teams have been named after British Jet fighters (well almost all), this years Torexe teams will be names after Warriors from around the world. I note that the definition of a warrior is “displays courage and skill” hopefully we can all demonstrate this in our matches this season.

This years we have entered in to the local league the following teams:

EDVA Div 1: Torexe Gladiators & Torexe Warriors

EDVA Div 2: Torexe Spartans, Torexe Knights & Torexe Samurais

EDVA Ladies: Torexe Aces

See you all next week.