Webinar: learn how to keep score in volleyball

Volleyball England is running an online webinar on how to keep a scoresheet, three dates available, all on Tuesdays (a non Torexe day) so if you don’t currently score matches for your team, time to learn, details below.

The webinar will use the FIVB scoresheet, which we also use in the SW League and it’s very similar to the one we use in the local EDVA League. There is a link below to download a copy, print as A3 size if you can, if not two A4 pages. No printer, speak to one of the coaches and we will get an EDVA scoresheet out of the Torexe cage for you (we can’t give out FIVB scoresheets). Likewise, if you want to print your own EDVA scoresheet, to use or to compare, download from https://www.edva.org.uk/edva-scoresheets

From the VE website

Join us for one of three webinars to train volunteers in how to score a volleyball match.

With NVL, regional, local and BUCS competitions in full swing, this is the perfect opportunity to branch out and learn a new skill.

These free training opportunities will enable participants to officiate as a scorer at matches and are taking place on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, 18th January from 7.15pm (90 minutes) – link to join
  • Tuesday 25th January from 7.15pm (90 minutes) – link to join
  • Tuesday, 1st February from 7.15pm (90 minutes) – link to join

Please note participants only need to attend one session to gain the knowledge necessary to become a scorer.

How do join the sessions? 

Each webinar is free to join and will be broadcast on Microsoft Teams, which you are advised to download onto your computer, tablet or mobile phone ahead of time to test the link and see if you can enter the waiting lobby.

The links for each session can be found above.

What will the webinar cover? 

All the necessary instructions required to appropriately fill in an FIVB scoresheet at volleyball matches.

What will the webinar enable me to do? 

Once you master this skill, you will be able to officiate as a scorer at volleyball matches.

This will help your club, team or university to reduce costs of officials, at the same time improving officiating standards in England. From time to time, paid opportunities appear in the aforementioned leagues.

Do I need to prepare anything? 

You will need a copy of an FIVB scoresheet, which includes the instructions that will be covered during the session. Please use this link to download a copy.

You be completing the scoresheet during the webinar, so it is important that you have a copy to hand.

Further questions? 

Please send them to refereeing@volleyballengland.org beforehand or use the chat function during the session.