Register Junior Player (Under 18’s)


This form should be completed by a responsible adult for the young person to confirm that they are aware and give consent to participate in Torexe Volleyball Club events, training
sessions and provide relevant permissions for photographs and recorded images associated with volleyball.

Register New Junior Player

Torexe Volleyball Club
The Torexe Volleyball club is registered with the National Governing Body (NGB) for the
sport of volleyball in England and is certificated and insured by Volleyball England, the

The Torexe Volleyball program takes place in a public sports centre, coaches will take all
necessary precautions, but parents are reminded that there are public areas overlooking
the sports hall and therefore it is a public environment.

Privacy and Information
The information collected on this form will be used by the club and coaches for
communications where appropriate. The young person’s name, date of birth and gender
will be provided to Volleyball England (the NGB) to confirm his/her membership of the club and eligibility to play in events.

• For junior training sessions, paper copies of the forms will be held by the coaching
staff until the start of the next season when they will be shredded.

• Electronic copies of the information will be kept by the club and coaches and deleted
at the start of the next season.

• Communication will be done via the club’s email list but can also include SMS, phone
and Facebook

By returning this completed form:

• I agree to the above young person named taking part in Torexe Volleyball Club
Junior Sessions for the current season.

• I consider the named young person to be physically fit and capable of full
participation and agree to notify the team / event manager or coach if there are any
changes to the information provided.

• Furthermore, in the event of an injury I give permission for the coaches to obtain
emergency medical treatment.

• I give consent for the young person named to be communicated with and the use of
any photographic and recorded images of them may be used under the above-stated
rules and conditions.