Return to Volleyball

Torexe Volleyball Club ‘Return to Indoor Volleyball’ members guidance
during the COVID 19 pandemic (issue 3 August 2021).

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In order for us to restart our indoor volleyball activity the club has been required to carry out a risk assessment in relation to the COVID 19 pandemic, issue guidance to players, coaches and officials on the mitigating measure which are to be taken and to ensure everyone understands the guidelines and what is expected of them. This guidance is based on the Volleyball England Coronavirus Guidelines, which complies with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Return to recreational team sport framework

Please take time to read the following and if the parent of a junior player (U18) please ensure they have also read and understand this guidance.  All players, parents, coaches and volunteers must agree to follow this guidance to become a member and/or to take part in Torexe sessions for the 2021-22 season and agree that you are aware of the increased transmission risk associated with partaking even with the mitigating measures taken and that you or your son/daughter are opting to participate in volleyball activity.

To assist with the implementation of these guidelines the club will be appointing a number of COVID-19 Officers, who will be assisting coaches and club officials in the implementation of these guidelines – directions and advice of COVID-19 Officers must be followed by all club members/parents.

Should any player, parent or official wilfully and repeatedly disregard these rules then they or their child will be asked not to attend training and the matter will be dealt with by the club disciplinary procedures. This may include being asked to leave the sports hall during a session!

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The following explains what is required of members/parents.

Am I allowed to train?

Yes, provided none of the following apply to you;

  • You have symptoms of COVID 19 (a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss of sense of smell or taste) or are living in a household with a possible COVID 19 infection
  • Have been asked to self-isolate by the NHS, your workplace or school or have returned from a country within the last 14 days which requires you to self-isolate
  • Have had a recent positive test result (lateral flow or PCR) or are awaiting a PCR test result

In addition individuals should consider whether Government guidance on Shielding here applies to them and based on that information decide whether or not they should attend training.

Outside of the volleyball setting Government  and venue specific guidance must be followed.

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On Arrival

  • Face masks should be worn in crowded spaces
  • If there is a session before yours please wait on the balcony (maintaining social distancing) until the previous session has completed
  • Your attendance will be registered and if required provided to Government Agencies for Track and Trace purposes at a later date
  • At your training court you will need to place all your kit together and please maintain social distancing from other people and their equipment
  • Equipment such as drinks bottles, resistance bands, foam rollers etc must not be shared
  • Once ready to play please sanitise your hands
  • The Covid officer and nominated persons will clean the equipment before and after the session

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During Training

Coaches will be required to modify training sessions (and will have separate guidance notes) to comply with guidance to minimise close contact, avoid physical contact and to minimise face to face contact.  Activities may therefore be different to ‘normal’, with some ‘regular’ activities not taking place at all.  Please assist the coaches and understand they are having to adapt sessions and activities.

  • You should avoid touching your mouth, eyes and nose and not shout when in close proximity to others..
  • Congratulatory touches or person to person contact are not permitted
  • Please sanitise your hands during breaks and remember not to share water bottles
  • Prior to, during and at the end of the session all balls (and carts/other equipment) will be sanitised – you may be asked to help with this process
  • Whenever possible you should maintain social distancing, however, understand that this may not be possible within a ‘game’ play scenario
  • All spectators/parents must remain outside of the court area and are recommended to watch from the balcony

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After Training

  • Please sanitise your hands at the end of the activity
  • Where there is a session following yours, please do not linger and give space to those coming into the session. If you wish to watch any of the next session please do so from the balcony area.
  • If you test positive for Covid-19 within 10 days of attending a training session you must notify Torexe on

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This information is also covered in our COVID 19 appendix to our normal risk assessment. Our full risk assessments are available here, if you wish to read the details.

Torexe Volleyball Club Risk Assesment Introduction

Torexe VC Risk Assessment

Torexe VC Risk Assessment_COVID19

Should you have any questions or queries about this guidance please contact a comittee member/COVID Officer.

Torexe Committee