Get fit and ready to return to court stronger than before with VOLLEYFIT, our exclusive new volleyball fitness programme for members of Volleyball England. Each week from next week until mid-March, a new video will be uploaded to an online platform for members of Volleyball England affiliated clubs and registered coaches and referees to access.

The videos are via a hidden YouTube link which is available to Torexe members, click below to watch.

Youtube Play List

Volleyfit week 1 – Coordination

Volleyfit Week 2 – Coordination & Balance

Volleyfit Week 3 – Coordination and Landing Mechanics

Volleyfit Week 4 – Warm Up and Landing Mechanics (Advanced)

Volleyfit Week 5 – Landing Warm Up and Single Effort Jumps

Volleyfit Week 6 – Single Effort Intense Jumps

Volleyfit Week 7 – Double Effort Jumps

Volleyfit Week 8 – Double Effort Jump Variations

Volleyfit Week 9 – Plyometrics

Volleyfit Week 10 – A comprehensive single session